The End of Average


“In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted. “ -Bertrand Russell

We are living in an “Age of Average” when it comes to Knowledge

Watching a Ted Talk by Harvard Professor Todd Rose on the “Myth of Average” got me thinking about knowledge in the support industry and how historically content and information sharing have taken a “just good enough” posture. It seems backwards to spend hundreds of hours on creating, differentiating, and advancing our technology platforms that then get supported with one-size-fits-all knowledge processes and solutions. Does designing knowledge for the masses end up helping no one?

Professor Rose discusses how in designing for average we end up creating solutions that no one can use, because frankly, none of us are average. Individuals use and comprehend technology in a myriad of ways and at ANSWR we believe that our technology support teams need unique solutions that help them find, share, and create knowledge that embraces the individual.

At ANSWR we say – Ban the Average!

Seriously, no one likes to be called average…or, frankly, get average service. Yet, for some reason we seem to be okay living in the “Age of Average” when it comes to finding and sharing knowledge. So if today’s knowledgebases are average, i.e., doing just enough, just the basics, we are missing an opportunity to, (as Todd Rose points out) innovate for the edges, or embrace the individual and make their support experience exceptional, not average.

Join the Knowledge Revolution! Bespoke Knowledge?

At ANSWR we think that average knowledge is well…to put it bluntly, blah. In today’s world we look to individualize everything – “bespoke our lives” as it were. From how we dress, to how we travel, even the tools, or vacations we take. We demand individualization and personalization when it comes to all aspects of our lives; so why do we accept different standards when it comes to how we search, share and create knowledge? The ANSWR platform was specifically designed to allow teams to create individual collections of knowledge that make sense to them and how they best support their customers. ANSWR lets you treat your customers as individuals, retrieving content that makes sense for their technology challenges in real time with solution sharing between support teams. You can personalize the content you use, the searches you execute, and the steps you take so they make sense for the issue you are solving. If we can bespoke our suits, our bikes, or even our investment portfolios, why can’t we bespoke our knowledge base?


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The End of Average