Tangled up in code


Ever read a blog post and, suddenly, as Bob Dylan put it, “every one of those words rang true and burned like glowing coal, pouring off of every page like it was written in my soul from me to you—”?

In a recent post on Code Ahoy, Umer Mansoor asked the question, “Do experienced programmers use Google frequently?” The answer for us — just like Umer — was a resounding yes. Because we are more than guilty. In fact, when he noted that, today, “Google is an essential part of their software development toolkit” we were just about jumping out of our seats.

Why, you may ask? Because, he goes on to write:

“A big reason to use Google is that it is hard to remember all those minor details and nuances especially when you are programming in multiple languages and using dozens of frameworks.”

We’d actually take that one step further. We often find ourselves so tangled up in details and code snippets that we can’t remember the work we did on a project just a few weeks prior. In fact, scenarios like this were one of the main drivers that led us to develop ANSWR.

Have you ever used Google to find your own code?

Lots of people use Google every day. In fact, it’s an essential part of their jobs. But the more you Google code, grab what you need, and get back to work, the harder it is to find that code again when you need it later.

We’ve built ANSWR to be a lightweight Google plug-in that is far more than a simple browser extension. It actually turns Google into a collaboration platform.

Imagine this: You’re locked onto your computer screen, heavily caffeinated and cranking out code when, all of a sudden, you need a quick code snippet to keep you going. You Google it, search, search, search and find it. Then—with one click of the ANSWR icon in your browser bar—you can tag it, highlight it and even annotate it for future use.

Weeks later, you’re working on another problem and need that exact same block of code. You Google it once and it pops right to the top of your search results. Right there in your ANSWRs, like burning coal, pouring off the web page from you to you. And right below it are a bunch of other helpful and related links that your teammates have found since you were last there.

Less searching. More finding. And lots of actual, real-life collaboration along with it…so right back to coding you can go.



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Tangled up in code