Is ANSWR for Product Managers? Hell YES!!!

Yes, we spend a ton of time searching just like our engineering buddies, and we suffer the same challenges of repeat and useless searching. A product manager needs to be on the forefront of the information and content sharing cycle; we track new ideas, new technology, new competitors, new markets, and our own product feedback everyday. We can’t do our jobs without the Internet and the amazing amount of content that it makes available every day. All that information can be overwhelming to manage and consume and I never want to miss anything that could make my product better!

ANSWR is my enabler; it feeds my organization and research compulsion. Allowing me to tag, collect, organize and retrieve information at a moment’s notice. I can easily call up companies I am following or look at my internal research on competitors via our team wiki all in one place. And for someone who is constantly in Google, having that info at my fingertips is amazing. Allow me to easily add to my ANSWR Tag Collections as I find new content ?!?– EVEN BETTER!

Top 3 Ways I Use ANSWR:


ANSWR helps me see all of my content in one place. I am prone to crazy organization and list making, so I love that I can find my vast collection of competitive and new tech research in one place.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 12.22.05 PM


Hashtags! I love hashtags! I can be in Google searching and quickly hashtag in the search box and bam my compulsively organized content pops right up in the browser. I FREAKIN love that!!!   Did I mention Right In My Search Browser!!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 10.37.35 AM


With the addition of the ANSWR Chat Bot, I can share my content and hashtag collections with other’s on my team – so we can be chatting and discussing the latest “hot” technology and I can quickly push my research bonanza to them.


So don’t let the software engineering for teams deter all you product managers out there – ANSWR Loves Us too! Download a free trial and check out how much ANSWR can help you and your team.


Learn more about how ANSWR can help you curate smarter and share better with your team.

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Is ANSWR for Product Managers? Hell YES!!!

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