Making search suck a little less every single day


We all do different jobs, but lots of those jobs have one thing in common. Every day, millions of us get to work, fire up our computers and, inevitably, we open up Google and start searching.

Now, Google’s awesome. It’s lean, has an efficient interface and is mind-bogglingly powerful. But all that power can actually start to work against you at some point. Ask anyone on a dev team. Or a product support tech. Or anybody who has to do repetitive search over and over and over again. I bet you’ll quickly come to the same conclusion we did…searching seriously sucks.

It sucks time. It sucks resources. It’s practically sucks money right out of your organization.

Here at ANSWR, we spend our time thinking about ways to make search suck a little less every single day. To get rid of the frustration of re-Googling that piece of code you found just the other week. To end the inefficiencies of constantly re-Slacking, re-chatting, re-sending a link again and again. To avoid shaving the sacred yak every time you start a new project, burning hour after hour doing anything and everything except that one task that you started out…wait, what I was I typing?

That accidental sage Homer Simpson once said, “Every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain.” These days, any coder will tell you that they can totally relate. The pressure to deliver more, to move faster, to push it live is unrelenting—and leaves us wondering, where’s that API documentation again?

At ANSWR, we’re here to make it easy for you to capture, share and re-use search results. We harness that awesome power of Google, and then let teams tag, highlight and annotate their best search discoveries with a single click. We take that knowledge, throw in a little machine learning and data magic, and make it possible to instantly share crowdsourced content every time someone else on your team does a similar search.

Right now, we’re piloting with folks in the software and tech support industries and they love what they can do with ANSWR. Maybe you will too.


Learn more about how ANSWR can help you curate smarter and share better with your team.

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Making search suck a little less every single day

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