Form of—an All-Knowing Search AI that has the right answers for my teammates as we are working out problems in chat. The ANSWR bot learns in real-time, offering up suggestions and top-rated tagged content, making pithy statements about Boston weather, traffic and how much longer Deflategate will go on (forever… it goes on FOREVER!). The ANSWR BOT is a knowledge superhero, freeing us up from mindlessly re-Googling queries and plodding through endless bookmark lists.

Okay, so maybe that version of the ANSWR bot is a little ways off. But we do have an alpha version built for HipChat that is being used by our engineering team as they constantly share information via chat. We love the freedom it gives us to share tagged content and pass beloved links and sites easily between one another. And even though the current version of the ANSWR bot is in its infancy, it’s already enhancing our team’s search and share capabilities. We believe that as we add more key features, the bot will be a must have tool for software teams.

We know the world is crazy for bots and so are we!

We are weeks away from launching an Early Adopter Program for the ANSWR Bot, and we’d love to have you join us in beta testing our AI. If you are a HipChat user, enjoy playing with new tech and are looking to make search suck less for your team, send an email our way ( and join the fun!

Coming soon, search by hashtags, tag a chat conversation, global bot domination… Get excited! We are!


Learn more about how ANSWR can help you curate smarter and share better with your team.

Keep up with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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