ANSWR For Teams


We’re proud to announce the public availability of ANSWR for teams beta!

We all spend a lot of time using Google to research technology solutions, search for code snippets and sift through the recommendations that we find. Even the simple searches for syntax or setup steps can often cause us to waste more time yak shaving than we intended. We know the answer is out there and someone on the team probably has already looked for it, we just don’t know who or where they found it. So I search and you search and we all search.

And it sucks.

Until ANSWR. And now it’s free for small teams!

Here’s how:

  1. Add the ANSWR extension to Chrome and upload any or all of your useful bookmarks
  2. Then with only one click, use ANSWR to bookmark, hashtag and annotate answers, sites and pages.
  3. ANSWR instantly makes these finds available to you and your team and puts them in the place you already are – at the top of the Google search results.

There is so much more to the platform but those are basics that make ANSWR so valuable and easy to use.

At ANSWR we eat our own dogfood and it has made our whole team faster & has made everyone smarter by turning search into a team based knowledge sharing tool. That said, we’re still a small team and would love to help other teams get faster while learning from your expertise and feedback.

Get started, it’s easy:

  • Download ANSWR now and use it for yourself and with your team
  • Share it with your friends who you think could benefit
  • Please let us know what you like and what you don’t or what features you’d like to see next –
  • Learn about new features here – Like Firefox support or HipChat and Slack integrations of your knowledge (coming soon!)

So jump on the beta. It helps our team every day and I believe it will really help you.


Learn more about how ANSWR can help you curate smarter and share better with your team.

Keep up with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

ANSWR For Teams

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